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System Fitness CIC is a Community Interest Company, aiming to improve the fitness of adults over 50.

We are Non profit making

Falls prevention

exercise programme 

The commencement of this Evidence Based Falls Prevention class has been delayed due to current restrictions. Please use our Get Steady programme for now. Click below for details.

This class is designed for those who feel unsteady on their feet or who may have experienced falls but are medically fit to exercise. The programme aims to redevelop balance skills and strength.

To be effective the programme does require you to undertake some of the exercises at home over a 14 week period. The programme also teaches you skills to be able to get up off the floor safely.

You will need to complete an application form to ensure that the class will be appropriate. Self referrals may require additional information from your GP.

Falls and fractures caused by falls in people over 65 is estimated to lead to 4 million hospital days in the NHS.

A prime focus of functional training provided by system fitness relates to skills in balance and agility.

As we age it is easy to become less familiar with the floor and medical conditions may impact on our balance ability.

International research, endorsed in the UK has identified the best ways in which those who are vulnerable to falls may develop balance and strength skills. This shows that with the correct approach improvements can be achieved - regardless of age.

The main approaches identified by research are Tai Chi and the FaME / Otago approach.

This class follows the FaME approach. There are a number of Tai Chi classes run in Birmingham, it is important that you attend a class which you will enjoy and feel happy in. Unfortunately unlike other cities and areas eg Worcesterhsire where council programmes are funded, there is no such provision. This is a non profit making class.


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