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Fitness Training for over 50's

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- set of things working together as parts of a mechanism or an interconnecting network; a complex whole.


- a state of well being, the ability to perform.


Just like trees are moulded by the wind, as we grow older our bodies adapt to the environment they are used to.

Many aspects of modern life (eg sitting, shoes, using our mobile phones and computers) lead to over using certain parts of our bodies and under using others. This can then lead to problems such as back ache, mobility issues etc. Over the years these can have an increasing negative impact on how we move. 

The importance of using natural movement (often referred to as 'primal movements') approaches to fitness is that these ensure we use our bodies as they were intended incorporating a wide range of movements. As a result we can respond to all aspects of our environment and day to day life.

Natural movements used in exercise  are more efficient as they exercise more of your body at the same time and in a co-ordinated way.

The benefits are many in the short and long term, reducing the chances of injury, developing full body strength, reducing the impact of muscle irregularities.

As a result in the longer term we can sustain the range of movement we have always had…...and continue to maintain our fitness and lead an active life.

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and there is evidence:

This recent study shows “Movement-Guided Fitness” Is Superior To Traditional Approaches In Two Important Ways (Link to Movnat website):