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- set of things working together as parts of a mechanism or an interconnecting network; a complex whole.


- a state of well being, the ability to perform.



These are the fitness facts you need to know:

Golden rule 1: Your body adapts at any age to what it does. So if you move less you WILL move less.... - This is what so many assume to be 'ageing', but it only occurs because we allow it to occur.

Move more and you will be able to keep moving!
At any age we can all reverse the negative cycle (deconditioning) and improve our needn't take over your life - just improve it!

Golden rule 2  You can improve your strength. Its a fact that muscles can strengthen AT ANY AGE.

Golden rule 3 :Better movement means being able to do more in life, keep weight under control, better health, stronger, if you aim to move more....then you will be able to move more!

Golden Rule 4: Movement applies in all directions....thats how the human body was designed.
move it.....or loose it....

Yes there will be other things which could impact your fitness like illness, injury etc. however exercise can still reduce or reverse the impact on some of these and make you better to be able to deal with them.


There is increasing evidence of the benefit of “strength” training to support us as we get older.
This was highlighted in revised national guidelines issued this year by the Chief Medical Officer:
Exercises to get our heart pumping to improve our overall endurance have been a key element of most fitness programmes, this has not really changed, however the focus on strength has increased.

The benefits are significant:

Strength exercises help to get our heart pumping - like other endurance exercises.

From the age of 30 our muscles naturally get weaker but at any age we can improve our strength (and reverse natural deterioration).

Improved muscle strength improves bone density (which also deteriorates as we age), this can help lead to reduced symptoms of osteoposis, arthritus and back pain.

Better muscle strength means more calories burned and therefore has huge benefits for fat loss. It also decreases the impact of diabetes.

Most important is that strength helps us do a whole range of day to day things, helping us function and improving mental wellbeing.

I dont know of any pill or ointment with so many benefits!

I always emphasise that developing strength doesn’t automatically result in huge muscles (and for ladies this is more difficult anyway), but it supports a leaner physique.


There are many good reasons why we should not confide our physical activity to the gym.

Better use of our bodies regularly throughout the day is shown to be better (this neednt mean long exercises!) encompassing exercise into our daily lives ensures that our fitness is more sustainable.

Sitting for long periods even if we have completed 1 hour of exercise is still dangerous to us.

System Fitness can develop an exercise plan for you which is geared around your day to day life. Fitness in the real world!