Starting in  Northfield

this September!

What is FaME?

Falls can have a significant impact on us increasingly as we age. We are all at risk of an occasional slip or fall, however as we age we become more at risk of significant harm as a result. This is partly due to reaction time, flexibility, strength and co-ordination and other factors.

FaME is a structured exercise programme that in clinical trials has been shown to prevent or reduce falls for older people, reduce the fear of falling and increase habitual physical activity and fitness.

It is appropriate for adults who live independently (not in a care or nursing home).

The FaME programme is led by a Postural Stability Instructor (PSI) with specialist training for working with older people at risk of falling. They have the ability to tailor the structured exercises and progressions to suit an individual’s medical conditions and functional ability. They will do their own health and function assessment of the person on the first visit.

FaME is delivered over 24 weeks in 1-hour group exercise classes. In addition participants are expected to sign up to undertake simple exercises at home twice a week.

Elastic resistance training bands, steps and small items of equipment and mats are used throughout the programme.

Who is it for?

FaME is ideal for older adults aged 65 or over who:

* Are at risk of falling

* Have a fear of falling

* Have fallen but do not need medical investigations (refer as appropriate)

* Are becoming concerned about their balance or are more cautious towards activities they used to enjoy

Programme Elements:

The evidenced based elements of the programme include:

* Functional leg muscle strengthening and balance retraining that progress indifficulty

* Functional progressive trunk and arm muscle strengthening

* Bone loading targeted prime fracture sites

* Endurance/cardiovascular training (including walking) and flexibility training

* Functional floorskills and skills to rise from floor (preventing long lies)

* Adapted Tai Chi

Video introduction: CLICK HERE

Programme Enrollment:

We are delighted to confirm that we have been funded by Northfield Neighbourhood Network Scheme to run a pilot FaME programme in September.

This will run for 24 weeks.

If you feel you meet the criteria identified above and wish to be considered for the programme or wish to know more please contact us