Fitness for over 50's

All activities are undertaken in line with Covid 19 guidance and such  arrangements may be subject to last minute changes, so please ensure you contact us first.

We are currently running a number of FREE internet groups. 1:1 Personal Training sessions also available.

Personal Fitness training:

1:1 and / or personal fitness plans.

Functional Fitness over 50's:

NOTE: Classes are provided in line with lastest Government restrictions.


Free Internet group and support:

Organised through Northfield Neighbourhood Partnership scheme. Via Facebook or 'Zoom':



Fitness and movement for a healthy life.

Specialist Fitness training for over 50's, 60's, 70's+ designed and led by over 50's:

  • Emphasis on whole body health to support you in a long healthy life, not just immediate short term changes.
  • Led by a mature trainer with experience of supporting mature adults.
  • Trained and qualified to provide fitness training to those with long term conditions.
  • Support for any level of fitness, from chair based exercises to calisthenics and body weight.
  • Individual support to ensure progress, easy to fit in with normal daily routines.
  • ....and its fun!

No matter your age or ability you can develop strength, muscle, balance and mobility and enjoy the many proven benefits this will bring to your life!



It is well proven that the benefits of exercise do not change as we grow older, it is always possible to develop our strength and improve our health, but it is important that this is achieved through engaging all of our muscles which support each other and reduce risk of injury. 

System Fitness applies the principles that your body works as a whole, as a result the approach makes you fit and healthy for real life, not just an exercise machine. You can learn new skills to master control of your body.

If there is a key thing to learn about fitness it is about having a flexible (no pun intended) approach. No one size fits all.

I can offer personal training sessions (1/2 or 1 hour) on a regular or occasional basis, or groups up to six people, backed up with advice, personal plan / programme and reviews.

Everyone is different - so I plan to support you as an individual and do not offer any standard packages.

'The Times' (24/1/18) reported that two thirds of current middle aged people are forecast to have at least two serious health conditions by the time they are over 65. These conditions are largely preventable with appropriate physical activity.


- Are you fit because you go to a gym?

We use the word 'fitness' alot, although there are many ways to measure it and it means different things to differnt people. We can say that someone looks 'fit' although they may not be able to endure a range of physical tasks.

System Fitness places a focus on ‘functional’ fitness - fitness applied to day to day life - in order to support the quality of our lives now and in the future.

Evidence shows that a fitness programme encompassing strength, movement and balance is more beneficial.

An evidence review commissioned by Public Health England and the Centre for Ageing Better has found that muscle and bone strengthening and balance activities continue to have great health benefits for all adults, including older adults aged 65 years and over.

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Ironically those that who want to look good will realise that this approach achieves that too, but in ways that reduce injury and is sustainable.



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