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Over 50 years old?....

Do you want to keep active and independent or regain mobility and fitness?

Is your movement ability limiting what you want to do?

Do you want to move more... get out and about.... take on a new hobby.... be able to enjoy playing with younger generations?

Do you want to make the most of life now and in the future?


Its time you had a Fitness Pension.....

- investing in a healthy future!

Evidence shows that with the right approach AT ANY AGE you can maintain / improve strength, mobility, balance and co-ordination.

You don't need a gym, expensive equipment or special diets!

We are all getting older.... as we do so (and probably because you are reading this) there is a need to consider whether we think about 'fitness' in the right way.

What should Fitness be about? - the clue is in the name - its about good health - and more importantly - being healthy to operate in the environment we find ourselves and behave (move) as we would like. Our themes and focus really apply to anyone at any age - but are often ignored whilst we are younger or drowned out by distorted messages by parts of the fitness industry. These are set out below - click on the Green heading for more details.

Focus on 'WITHIN'

Too often fitness is promoted around themes of body image - what other people see, however you need a body to keep you active and healthy for many years and that starts from within.

Ironically, if you focus on the inside of your body first - you are more likely to improve how you look and maintain a positive cycle of fitness improvement!

Aim to improve in a sustainable way -

It is important to aim to improve slowly and gradually - No 'quick fixes! This reduces the likelihood of injury or harm but also leads to a sustainable approach.

Move or lose it!

'Functional' Movement is key - which means maintaining a full range of movements to cope with day to day life.

Fitness is often promoted as something you do in a gym as a 'workout' this may suit some people. however it is possible to achieve good fitness and movement without any special fitness 'app's', gym, equipment or 'magic pills', simply by undertaking healthy routine activities.

This is why System Fitness CIC through this web site promotes freely what you can do to improve and maintain your fitness and movement.



Fitness and movement for a healthy life.

As well as the information and resources provided on this web site we provide specialist fitness training / advice for those over 50 years old and any age above!:

  • Our Emphasis is on whole body health to support you in a long healthy life, not just immediate short term changes.
  • Led by a mature trainer with experience of supporting mature adults.
  • Trained and qualified to provide fitness training to those with long term conditions.
  • Support for any level of fitness, from chair based exercises to calisthenics and body weight.
  • Individual support to ensure progress, easy to fit in with normal daily routines.....and a good sense of humour!

No matter your age or ability you can develop strength, muscle, balance and mobility and enjoy the many proven benefits this will bring to your life!



It is well proven that the benefits of exercise do not change as we grow older, it is always possible to develop our strength and improve our health, but it is important that this is achieved through engaging all of our muscles which support each other and reduce risk of injury. 

System Fitness applies the principles that your body works as a whole, as a result the approach makes you fit and healthy for real life, not just an exercise machine. You can learn new skills to master control of your body.

More importantly our approach to fitness is about Function - what you need for daily life and keeping well in years to come.

Evidence shows that a fitness programme encompassing strength, movement and balance is most beneficial.



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