January 2024

Welcome to the System Fitness Newsletter January 2024:


“The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining...”

John F Kennedy

In this newsletter:

  • Happy / Healthy New Year

  • Walking faster to reduce diabetes

  • Keep your knees moving

  • Our new Instructor

  • Get fitter from home – free guide

  • Get fitter at our classes

Happy / Healthy New Year!

Welcome to our first newsletter of 2024!

“Many a mickle makes a muckle ..” (what is this about fitness?)

Have you heard of this saying?

The word ‘mickle’ is meant to highlight a small amount of something and ‘muckle’ is a larger amount.


The point is, if we are aiming to make any changes for instance for the new year, the best approach is to think in small amounts.

Its better to achieve improvement in small steps than try to do too much and fail. It applies across many things – but particularly in relation to fitness.

Walk (a little) faster...

to avoid type 2 diabetes:

Walking faster is more likely to have a beneficial effect in reducing the likelihood of diabetes. According to research published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

They compared walking speeds and identified that walkers who adopt a pace of 2 – 3 mph were 15% less likely to develop diabetes, however walking at 3- 4mph indicated a 24% reduction in risk.

So whilst walking is generally good - a slightly faster walk is even better!

If you monitor your steps – remember that not all steps are equal!


Last year Dick Van Dyke (97years old) took part in the American ‘Masked Singer’ TV programme as 'Gnome'
…………........Age is just a number!

Keep your Knee’s moving

(Knee strength andosteoarthritis)

It is common to hear people complain that their joints are ‘worn out’ , however many studies show that moving more doesnt wear our joints out but leads to better joint health as it encourages repair and regrowth. Plus stronger muscles,also support our joints.

A study of 134 people with osteoarthritis in California showed that the patients who had the strongest thigh muscles (quadriceps) were less likely to require a knee transplant.

Leading Orthopedic surgeon /sports medicine specialist Dr Howard Luks has highlighted in a recent article that:

“….staying active has numerous benefits for those with osteoarthritis, regular movement supports waste removal and repair in our joints.”

As an example he highights that running does not cause arthritis and is likely to help you keep good joints longer.

(The causes are complex and include metabolic health and injuries)

See full article here

Introducing our New Class Instructor!

I am really pleased to tell you that we have a new qualified fitness class instructor joining us: Kelly Howell.

Last year we received support from the Northfield Neighbourhood Network Scheme to expand our team by training two people to become Fitness Class Instructors.

Some of you may know Kelly who is a regular attender of classes at West Heath. She is a multi talented ‘energy bomb”, who dances, sings, plays drums, line dances, can sign language and is also a gardener!(but not at the same time!).

Kelly has now successfully completed her course and is now a qualified instructor for Exercise to Music. She will be assisting with some classes and then running her own classes over the next few months.

Get fit from home:

We have a produced a FREE guide to highlight ways in which you can maintain / improve your fitness and mobility at home. It has suggestions for all abilities.

To request a copy please let us know!

OR….Get fit at one of our classes:

All of our classes are now up and running for the new year: Class Programme

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