Personal Training

Personal Training 

 I'm Peter:

Its a fact that we can all improve our strength, mobility and balance AT ANY AGE. However as we get older we need to utilise the best approaches and reflect how our bodies change with ageing.

I qualified as a Fitness Instructor in my 50's. I am 64 now. From personal experience, my qualifications and personal learning I believe my skills and experience can help you.

It is never too late to improve your overall fitness and gain the many associated benefits of this.

I have seen amazing improvements from the people I have worked with.

You do not need specialist /expensive equipment or long hours in a gym, but as we age, how we can achieve these improvements does change.

My qualifications:

  • Level 4 Postural Stability Instructor *
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer *
  • Level 3 Diploma in Exercise Referral *
  • MovNat - Natural Movement trainer
  • FABS training (Move it or loose it) *
  • Chi Me (Level 2)
  • Emergency First aid *
  • Suspension Training *
  • Kettlebell Training *
  • Calisthenics Fundamentals (Calisthenics UK)

Your aims may be anything such as improving balance, knee strength, increasing flexibility or supporting you following illness to build up areas of fitness.

My approach to personal training is to provide time limited sessions (usually up to 3 months) to an individual (or small groups) in response to specific aims which you wish to achieve.Following discussion with you my approach can vary from designing a simple plan and show you how to do it, to providing intensive support for a period of time.

I believe every programme should be geared around you as everyone is different. I do not have set prepared programmes which I issue to individual clients. If personal training means anything it is about gearing everything around you.

I have extensive training skills and experience or working with older adults and those with medical conditions.

It is often possible to develop an exercise plan which may integrate with your life / day. If dedicated ‘exercise’ sessions are your preferred approach, that is fine, but the same benefits may be achieved by minor 5 minute activities during a day. For fitness any activity can count - I aim to make it useful for you!

Similarly with equipment, you can achieve good fitness without expensive equipment,weights or electronic devices!  Let me advise you.

My focus is helping older people to maximise the benefits of their fitness as they get older. I place an emphasis on undertaking ‘natural’ / functional movements –things we were designed for - to maintain what we need to maximise and enjoy our life. I am trained in Natural Movement.

If you wish to consider me as a Personal Trainer, I will first wish to chat with you to talk about your aims and identify what I think I can do to help.  This is strictly on a no charge / no commitment basis.

Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss:

Or ring: 0744 918 1189