We are running the following sessions over the next 2 months at Culmington Hall:

Saturday 20thApril / + Extra Date to be confirmed 11am - 12noon:


Workshop style fitness session to show you how you can improve your balance.

If you feel unstable on your feet this session is for you.

This session is particularly for those who struggle with their balance and provides a more focused session outside the normal class to develop your skills and identify how you can improve.

Places limited – booking required Class members £3 Non Class members £5


Saturday 18thMay 11am - 12noon

Saturday 8th June 11am - 12noon:


How fit are you?

Come along to test your fitness against internationally recognised standards benchmarked against average ages. The standards provide indicators which correlate with maintaining a healthy life as you get older.

You will see how you compare receive advice on what you can do to address weaknesses.

Places limited – booking required

NEW: Exercise to Music Class:

There will be a weekly Exercise to Music class every TUESDAY at 11.30am at Oddingley Hall, Oddingley Road, B31 3BS Run by Kelly.

Oddingley Hall is next to West Heath Park, by Bus route 47 and parking available.

£4 each

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Indicators of a healthy long life? News reports:

Recent press reports indicated that if you were able to balance on one foot for 10 seconds you were likely to be healthier and have a longer active life.

Measuring balance ability highlights an important range of skills, which include leg strength, agility and balance which are all key to our functioning (thats why balance is included in our classes).

However its worth highlighting:

  • The measure was an 'indicator' which 'on average' showed a correlation with good health, this is very useful - however it doesn't mean that if you can stand on one leg for a long time you are guaranteed to live longer.... (although it makes it more likely)

  • The measure is not an absolute, so the 10 second level will vary with age and other factors. Obviously the older you are the more difficult this may be.

  • There is a range of research which has demonstrated the same conclusions, including research which are covered in this video link below which relates to the sit rise test.


So if you don't feel you are good balancing (or even if you feel you are) the key message is to keep active as well as you can. You may not achieve that 10 seconds but you are more likely to be able to!

If you are over 60, the Functional Fitness MOT test (which you can undertake at home),  provides benchmark data for balancing as well as 7 other key tests which are all shown to be useful indicators forgood functional health - See Functional Fitness Test page or request a copy..

Here's the link to the research:

February 2022

Moving Lives...Healthy Minds - class for mental health service users

We are now running a weekly functional fitness and movement class for mental health service users / people who have previous suffered mental illness. This class was established through the Joint Sport Birmingham / BSMHFT NHS project in 2021.

If you are interested please contact us for more details

February 2022:

Report highlights that Physical Activity benefits outweigh risks for people with long-term health conconditions:

A 'consensus statement' has been produced by health experts based on recent research which highlights that physical activity is safe for people living with symptoms of multiple conditions. The emphasis is that activity benefits outweigh risks for most people (although it is important to highlight that this should be reviewed on an individual basis.

See British Medical Journal of Sports Medicine here

August 2021:

Now follow us on 'You Tube':

A number of example exercise sessions are now available on our You Tube Channel: 'Active for Years'.

Watch out for new videos.

Use the link below:

Free Guide to improve your balance:

We have issued our first 'Free Guide' on how to improve your balance.

August 2021:

New class in Rubery:

A new Functional Fitness Class for seniors is to be held in Rubery, every Thursday at 11.30am in Fathers Barn, New Road Rubery  Dee B45 9JA.