A range of videos are now available via 'You Tube' as part of the 'Active for Years' channel.

The video's include a range of exercise sessions, guidance on specific exercise guides as well as individual information.

See further details as follows:

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Exercise Sessions:

There are a number of different 'Endurance' exercise sessions which can be followed this includes a seated version.

It is recommended that the Warm Up video is followed first. There is also a cool down / stretch session.

Love the floor:

Being able to get up and down from the floor is a movement everyone should aim to maintain. As we become more prone to falling, getting up from the floor is very important.

There are now a series of ‘Love the floor’ videos which includes instructions on how to begin to ‘relearn' how to get down and up from the floor. This series of videos currently includes a floor based exercise session, a demonstration of the ‘sit rise test (indicator of longevity) other videos will also be added.

Balance Exercises:

Want to improve your balance - try these:

Balance Exercise: