We are seeking to train and recruit two over 50 year old adults as fitness class instructors.  The succesfull candidates will support the fitness training programme run by System Fitness CIC across Northfield / South Birmingham.

Thanks to generous support from the Northfield Neighbourhood Network funding is being made to train two people to become qualified instructors. Once trained you will be supported by the CIC to provide and organise community fitness classes. Subject to your your commitment, ability and capacity, you will run a number of weekly classes as well as provide ad hoc cover for other classes.


This is a unique opportunity to become a Class Instructor as a hobby or part time opportunity for someone over 50 years of age.


We are not expecting you to be ‘Mr Motivator' or 'The Green Goddess’. You should have a basic level of fitness, be able to motivate others and have good presentation skills (verbally and physically). Importantly you should be able to demonstrate empathy with older people.

You will not get rich – but it could help you become much fitter! These positions may be particularly suitable for someone who has other interests / income.

The rewards of supporting older people maintain and improve their fitness are significant along with the social role that classes provide.

As a member of the System Fitness team will be supported through:

  • Fitness equipment and class format.

  • Local promotion and publicity

  • Local Network and expertise

  • Further trainin
  • Cover arrangements

  • Record keeping systems

  • Management of payroll

  • Uniform

  • Insurance

  • Company Policies and further training
  • Email system

You will work in a co-operative way with other members of the team.

About you?

We would expect our new recruits to be 50 years or older and able to demonstrate some experience of:

  • Leadership /Training (Not neccessarily in a fitness setting)

  • Confidence in presentation / standing in front of other adults

  • Core understanding / experience of fitness training

  • Working or supporting other senior adult groups

You will also need to demonstrate a commitment to leading weekly classes.

We are seeking candidates who will be able to bring new skills and approaches to our company. Your role will in part be defined by you. We are not seeking‘identi-kit’ trainers, nor expecting you to be ‘Mr Motivator or The Green Goddess’

Succesfull candidates should have a basic level of fitness, be able to motivate others and have good presentation skills (verbally and physically) and be able to demonstrate empathy with older people.

Whilst core training will be provided to equip you to support older people with health conditions, delivering low impact / chair based training, we would welcome candidates with an interest in a particular fitness approach and we would aim to facilitate the training provided to this.  Ultimately this should fit in to our aims and objectives which would be able to demonstrate:

- Some level of evidence benefit for functional movement

- Appropriateness for seniors

- Public health interest

You will be asked to identify your level of commitment to classes whilst some ad hoc cover of existing classes is required, you will be able to identify your level of commitment and time.

Depending on your level of fitness, and the class you lead we would anticipate routine level of one hour classes between 2 – 10 per week

About the training:

The training will be identified to suit your interest and personal choice, consisting of a core Level 2 qualification in gym instruction or Exercise to Music, then you will be required to undertake an additional specialist qualification in training older people.

Most courses can be undertaken remotely or in a class setting. Remote learning can be undertaken to reflect personal commitments and timescales. As a minimum this is likely to take around 4 months. There will usually be a physical assessment at the end of this. During this period support will be provided by System Fitness CIC.

Please note during this period the course will be provided at no cost however no payment can made during this period.

Once qualified:

Once you are appropriately qualified and able to demonstrate your instructor skills, you will be supported in developing your role as an instructor as part of the System Fitness team. Initially you may provide support or cover to our existing classes but it is then intended you will take a lead with dedicated classes.

The deadline for applications is 12th May 2023